Zapier Integration

Integration Summary

Zapier automatically moves info between Learn Amp and the other apps you use every day, so you can focus on your most important work.

Zapier supports thousands of apps like Gmail, HubSpot, Typeform, and more. In just a few minutes, you can set up automated workflows (we call them Zaps) that link things happening in your Learn Amp account to the other applications you use in your eco-system.

Zapier Actions

Automate actions within Learn Amp by setting up Zaps from your existing applications.

  • User creation Create a new Learn Amp user automatically from some external application.

  • Team creation Create a new team in Learn Amp automatically from some external application.

  • Add user to team Add a user to a team within Learn Amp automatically from some external application.

  • Enrol users into Events Enrol users into event sessions on Learm Amp automatically from some external application.

Zapier Triggers

Automate actions within your existing applications by setting up Zaps from Learn Amp.

  • User creation notification Send details of newly added users within Learn Amp, into other systems, for example like email distribution lists or CRM tools.

  • Content added notifications Send details of newly added items, learnlists and channels within Learn Amp, into other systems.

  • Event enrolment notification Send details of event enrolments within Learn Amp into other systems automatically.

How the Platforms Connect

Zapier connects to Learn Amp’s API. Platform owners can retrieve your API credentials from Company Settings in Learn Amp. The Learn Amp API is fully documented on our developers page.

Known Limitations/ Considerations

Connecting your app accounts to Zapier: In order for Zapier to automatically send data between Learn Amp and your other apps, you must first connect those apps to Zapier. This will give Zapier secure access to read and write data to those apps. For more information please see the Zapier Help Centre.

Custom fields: The Zapier integration does not support Custom Fields on user related Zaps.

Required Stakeholders

To create your first Zap, the Learn Amp platform owner will be required to enter Learn Amp’s API credentials in Zapier. This may be a technical lead or anyone with permissions to create Zaps in Zapier.

Set up Instructions

Setting up your Zapier integration is simple and easy. We’ll work with you to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

All that’s needed to set up this integration is:

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our FAQs in the Zapier Help Centre.

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