1-to-1s: fresh new look!


We have an exciting update to our 1-to-1s feature that we can’t wait to show you 🎉 but first we’ll quickly explain why 1-to-1s are so important to Learn Amp.

Why do I need 1-to-1s in Learn Amp?

Management is often cited as the number one reason for leaving a job. So the conversations between an employee and their manager is crucial to continued employee engagement and happiness.

That’s why in Learn Amp you can set up a variety of regular cycles for 1-to-1 conversations. This means you can provide guidance for how 1-to-1s should be conducted on a regular basis as well as identify problem areas by keeping track of conversations that are overdue.

Why should I record those conversations in a learning system?

Good 1-to-1 conversations should discuss an employee’s development and career aspirations - and the way to achieve those aspirations is through learning and up-skilling! That’s why we see Learn Amp as a People Development Hub that weaves together learning, talent development, and ultimately drives performance improvement 📈.

Sounds great! Tell me about the redesign…

If you are using our 1-to-1s feature already, you are now able to switch on a beta feature which is a full redesign of the 1-to-1 form 🎉.

The new look was designed in response to customer feedback and aims to tackle the challenge of context switching between the 1-to-1 form and the associated question set - and we have plans to develop this further too!

Key changes:

  • 1-to-1 question sets are now included within the main form.

  • Labels to show which parts of the form still require attention and which are complete.

  • View reviewer and reviewee responses to question sets side by side.

  • Easy addition of new agenda/action points by hitting enter.

  • Modular design allowing for further development of the feature… 👀

  • NB. The self-record functionality of the Notes field in 1-to-1s is currently not included in this beta release. This means that you will not be able to add new self-recordings as Notes.

    • We will be building out this functionality for the re-design over the coming months.




Yes! This change will be applied to all 1-to-1s; past, present and future!

Existing cycles will be updated to the new form design 🎉. All of your existing data (eg. description, question wording, fixed agenda points etc.) will remain the same, it will just be displayed in a better way.

Yes! All of the existing functionality re. editing cycles remains untouched by this update, so you are able to update existing cycles in the same way that you could before.

Of course! Simply head over to Company settings → Beta Features to disable the feature. And please let us know about any issues you saw so that we can fix them and get you back on the new look asap!

The Activity data tab can be used for reference.
Users can reference Content or Tasks within their 1-to-1s which will make providing context easier.

We already have some ideas in mind as to how we might develop this feature further including ways to make the reviewer’s view more user friendly when updating multiple 1-to-1 forms at the same time. We’re also thinking about how we can better link 1-to-1s to other parts of the platform like skills and learning.

All of these plans will be further informed by feedback we receive on this redesign of the form - so please let us know what you think! 🙌