How do I use the MS Teams integration?

Learn all about the MS Teams integration.

This article will cover what you can do with the MS Teams integration in the Learn Amp Platform. Please note that you will need your integration to be enabled to enjoy these features.

For information about setting up the MS Teams integration, please read here. 


There are two main things you can do with the MS Teams integration:

  1. Set up online teams meetings as the location of an Event.

  2. Receive notifications in your Microsoft Teams channels about new public content, Tasks assigned to teams, users completing Items and community engagement.


1. Set up online Teams meetings as the location of an Event:

When setting up an Event, on Step 4 - Session details you will have the option to choose the Location of your Event. 

You will be able to select MS Teams - Online meeting as the location.

Please note that the Event host must have their MS Teams account linked with the Learn Amp Platform.


The Event will then appear as follows: 


5 minutes before the Event is due to begin, users will see a Launch button, which they can press and that will then take them to the online meeting in MS Teams. 


This will then take you straight into the MS Teams meeting:


2. Receive notifications in your Microsoft Teams Channels about what's happening on Learn Amp 

You can sync up your MS Teams and Learn Amp account in order to receive notifications about what's happening on Learn Amp.

You can specify exactly what you'd like to receive notifications on by setting up an activity feed.


Firstly, you need to set up a new Channel in MS Teams, where you'd like to receive the notification:

Step 1: Go to MS Teams and add new Channel


Step 2: Name your Channel


Step 3: Go to Connectors 


Step 4: Select Configure for Incoming Webhook


Step 5: Select Configure for Incoming Webhook


Step 6: Fill out the form and press Create 


Step 7: You will then see the webhook link. Please make a note of this, as you'll need it later. 


Now, you can set up your Activity feed within Learn Amp:

To do this:

Go to the MS Teams integration page and visit the Activity feed tab.

Select ‘Add new feed’: 

Select which team's information (or all company) should be fed into your chosen MS Teams Channel: 

Select which notifications you would like to receive: 


Generated webhook URL: Please copy the web-hook URL that was generated in the MS Teams app:


Press ‘Save’ and you'll be able to see all your Activity Feeds back on the MS Teams integrations page:


You'll then be able to receive your chosen notifications in the MS Teams Channel:


We hope that helps! Please get in touch by raising a support ticket if you have any queries, and we'll be happy to help.