Beta features

Beta testing is a one of the final stages of the development cycle. It involves inviting real users of the system to test new functionality to find any last bugs or pieces of functionality that could be improved before a full launch.

No, not all features require a beta testing phase. Smaller changes will be released directly into your accounts, but changes that impact significant portions of the UI, or that introduce entirely new areas of functionality are likely to go through a beta period.

If you enable a beta feature, you will automatically see any updates to that feature as we develop it based on feedback received during the beta period. If any of these updates are significant, we may choose to add it into a separate beta feature, which you will also be able to enable.

New beta features will be released throughout the year; the frequency of this is determined by how large or small the specific feature is.

Go to Company Settings → Beta Features, and select which feature you would like to enable.

Beta features can be enabled by admins/owners who have access to the Company Settings page.