Beta features

Beta testing is a one of the final stages of the development cycle. It involves inviting real users of the system to test new functionality to find any last bugs or pieces of functionality that could be improved before a full launch.

No, not all features require a beta testing phase. Smaller changes will be released directly into your accounts, but changes that impact significant portions of the UI, or that introduce entirely new areas of functionality are likely to go through a beta period.

If you enable a beta feature, you will automatically see any updates to that feature as we develop it based on feedback received during the beta period. If any of these updates are significant, we may choose to add it into a separate beta feature, which you will also be able to enable.

New beta features will be released throughout the year; the frequency of this is determined by how large or small the specific feature is.

Go to Company Settings → Beta Features, and select which feature you would like to enable.

Beta features can be enabled by admins/owners who have access to the Company Settings page.

Each beta feature will have different considerations that we will explain in the Read More section, where appropriate. Most often the answer will be no, but occasionally it is not possible to migrate data ‘to the new world’ for Beta Features. For example, any discussions on our current community/social team Discussion tab, will not be migrated to the new format.

Yes, you can. All you need to do is click the relevant toggle in the Company Settings → Beta Features; the feature will be removed and your account will revert to the previous state.

Currently it is not possible to limit a beta feature to a smaller group than the feature is intended for. For example, if the feature is intended for curators, all curators will see it, you cannot limit this to a ‘test group.’

However, if you wish to test with a subset of users, you are able to do this by adding them to your test account (remember test accounts should have no more than 5% of your total user count at any time.)

Yes, you can! Our beta features can be enabled in live and test accounts.

There are a few options for a valuable beta test:

  • Using beta features in the live account will be the best way to test, as this will give us an understanding of how the feature works for your exact use case and how it performs at scale. Any feedback that we receive from testing in a live account will be given more weight than feedback from testing in a test account.

  • Performing testing in your test account with a group of internal users is a good way to collect early feedback prior to enabling beta features in your live account.

  • Testing by one person in a test account is most valuable when we arrange a screen-share with the Learn Amp Product team as this allows us to observe any areas of UX that could be improved


You can raise bugs in the normal way through our customer portal. But please note that we prioritise bugs from beta features differently. Beta features are not ‘fully supported’ and so bugs may not be fixed immediately.

There are a few options here:

  • You can raise feedback in the normal way, through our Product Feedback form

  • If you are already in a dialogue with the Product team, you can raise any feedback through our interviews and testing calls

  • You can respond to any in-app surveys that you see about the feature

Bugs with the core functionality will be addressed before a full launch, but not necessarily all of the ideas we receive for further development during the beta period - otherwise we might never launch! The full launch of a feature means that we will fully support it in terms of fixing bugs going forward. It doesn’t mean that we will stop developing it or iterating on feedback that we receive.


When a feature is fully launched, it means that we will fully support it from a technical support perspective.

If you already have the feature enabled in beta, then the only change you will see is that the feature disappears from the Beta Feature page and you are no longer able to disable the feature.

If you do not have the feature enabled and you have the relevant package, then the feature will become visible in your account.

If you do not have the feature enabled and you do not have the relevant package, then the feature will not become visible in your account.