Go1 Content Integration

Integration Summary
This integration lets administrators of your platform access and curate content from Go1, who offer the largest curated eLearning library from top training providers in a single subscription.

Main Features

  • Access to over 80,000 pieces of content.

  • A wide range of topics by a versatile collection of global, regional, and specialised providers.

  • Admin access to the Go1 content curator hub to search for and download content in to your Learn Amp platform.


How the Platforms Connect

Once you have purchased your Go1 license, your Learn Amp Implementation/Success coach will enable the integration in your Learn Amp account. Once complete, your Learn Amp administrators will have access to the Go1 content hub directly from within Learn Amp via the integration interface.

From here, content can be downloaded into the Learn Amp content library. This content will then be available to your users and can be added to learnlists and channels.


Known Limitations/ Considerations

User Content Search: Users can only search for and consume content that has been downloaded by your administrators in to the Learn Amp library.

Admin content curation: Only Learn Amp users with the system role Admin or Owner can access the Go1 interface to drawn down content in to the Learn Amp library.

Go1 License: To access the Go1 integration, your organisation must have a Go1 license to cover all the users in your Learn Amp account who will access Go1 content. You can control who accesses Go1 content by setting visibility on content within Learn Amp.

Required Stakeholders

There is no technical set up for the Go1 integration and we can enable this with anyone in your project team.

Set up Instructions

To set up our Integration with Go1, your Learn Amp Implementation/Success coach will need proof of purchase for your Go1 Licenses. They will then enable the integration for your Learn Amp platform.

For more information, Please go to yourdomain.learnamp.com/en/integrations/go1

Other Frequently Asked Questions

No, Go1’s content is hosted online, and accessible by Learn Amp admins via our Go1 content hub interface. From here, content can be stored in the Go1 library and then synced to Learn Amp.

In this scenario, we would recommend holding a meeting with your technical users to find out what content they would like to be downloaded in to the Learn Amp platform. Alternatively they could provide you with a list of technical key words so content can be downloaded accordingly.

Once downloaded, Go1 content can be curated and made visible to users with the same flexibility as any other piece of content. This includes setting the visibility to hidden, selected users, groups and teams or everyone at your company.