Open Sesame

Integration Summary
This integration lets administrators of your platform access content from OpenSesame, who provide curated online learning programs to realise the potential of your workforce today.


Main Features

  • Access to over 30,000 pieces of content.

  • 15 languages to choose from.

  • Something for every industry from Tech to Retail and Healthcare.

  • Includes content from top publishers including Ted Talks, Blinkist, filtered and more.

  • Select the content you want to sync and have it automatically pull into Learn Amp.


How the Platforms Connect

Setting up your OpenSesame integration is simple and easy. We’ll work with you to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

All that’s needed to set up this integration is:

  • An OpenSesame account

  • A Customer Integration ID for your OpenSesame account. You will need to contact OpenSesame Customer Support directly to request this, because the Customer Integration ID is not automatically available through your OpenSesame account settings.

Known Limitations/ Considerations

User Content Search: Users can only search for and consume content that has been downloaded by your administrators in to the Learn Amp library.

Admin content curation: Only Learn Amp users with the system role Admin or Owner can access the OpenSesame interface to draw down content in to the Learn Amp library.

OpenSesame License: To access the OpenSesame integration, your organisation must have a OpenSesame license to cover all the users in your Learn Amp account who will access OpenSesame content. You can control who accesses OpenSesame content by setting visibility on content within Learn Amp.

Required Stakeholders

We can enable this with anyone in your project team.

Set up Instructions

For more information, Please go to

Other Frequently Asked Questions

No, OpenSesame’s content is hosted online, and accessible by Learn Amp admins via our OpenSesame content hub interface. From here, content can be stored in the OpenSesame library and then synced to Learn Amp. Alternatively you will be able to have all items synced automatically. The number of items you can sync will be dependent on the packages you have with OpenSesame.

In this scenario, we would recommend holding a meeting with your technical users to find out what content they would like to be downloaded in to the Learn Amp platform. Alternatively they could provide you with a list of technical key words so content can be downloaded accordingly.

Once downloaded, OpenSesame content can be curated and made visible to users with the same flexibility as any other piece of content. This includes setting the visibility to hidden, selected users, groups and teams or everyone at your company.