Connecting Power BI to Learn Amp API

Learn about how to connect Power BI to your Platform.

Please use the following steps to connect Power BI Desktop to the Learn Amp API.

You can also watch our step-by-step video at the end of the page.

Step 1: API documentation

Familiarise yourself with our API documentation. You can read this here.

Step 2: Log in to Learn Amp account

Log into your Learn Amp account as the “owner” user.

Step 3: Retrieve API

Retrieve your API client id and secret, from the Company Settings → API page.

Step 4: Retrieve access token

Use a rest client tool, to retrieve your access token. This is described in our API documentation here.

We recommend Postman or Advanced Rest Client for this.

Step 5: Web data source

Open Power BI and add a “Web” data source. 

Step 6: Fill in endpoint

Select "Advanced" and fill in the following for URL:


or whichever end point you prefer.

You may also like to add additional filters, as per the API documentation.

Step 7: 

Add the following under "HTTP request header parameters"

Authorization --> Bearer YOUR-ACCESS-TOKEN

Step 8: Import data

Click "OK" to import data from the API into Power BI.