Some top tips for setting a password that is both memorable and hard to guess.

Setting a password that is secure is critical to ensure the safety of your data.

What often happens with passwords is that in the move to safety users set extremely complex passwords. The type that has 5 symbols, 30 characters and is impossible to remember. The irony with this type of password is that it is so hard to remember, that people end up writing it down, or storing it in an unsecure location which reduces safety.

With this in mind, we use an intelligent algorithm rather than a fixed set of rules.

Some tips for setting a secure password

  • Do...

    • Set a strong password - our algorithm will make sure you do!

    • Create a password at least 8 characters long, longer passwords are more secure.

    • Use non-obvious symbols and numbers e.g. don't use sequences like 123 etc.

    • Use inside jokes, uppercasing, uncommon words to make passwords hard to guess.

    • Use unrelated words e.g., StaircaseFlower.

    • Use a safe password storage tool such as LastPass if you think you might forget it.

  • Don't…

    • Use commonly used words or phrases like 'Password'.

    • Use easily know-able names such as your own name or your companies name.

    • Reuse a password from another system, this makes it easier to crack.

    • Repeat words e.g., PasswordPassword.

    • Share your password with anyone - even your admins.

Now you're good to go - set a secure password.