Can managers set up Dashboards?

Learn how managers can set up their own Dashboards.

Please note that the ability for managers to set up and have their own Dashboards is entirely optional. You can toggle this off, if you would not like this for your company.

This article will cover the following topics:

  • An overview of Dashboards for managers.

  • Why must managers create their own Dashboards individually?

  • How can I toggle this on or off for our company?

  • What will managers see? 

  • I'm a manager - how can I add my own Dashboard? 


Dashboards for managers - an overview:

  • You have the option to allow managers to create and have their own Dashboards.

  • This means that managers can create a Dashboard to view activity from their team, for example.

  • Manager Dashboards are set up by each individual manager, rather than centrally. (i.e., at the moment, an admin could not create a standard "manager dashboard" that is available to all managers - but instead, each manager can create a Dashboard for themselves.)


Why can managers set their own individual Dashboards, instead of admins being able to do it centrally? 

  • If managed centrally, the manager would only be able to see for ‘All direct reports’, rather than for specific teams.

  • If you trust a manager to get insights for their team, they should be able to set up their own Dashboard.


How can I toggle this on or off for our company? 

Please see below, to see how you can turn this off or on. Alternatively, click the link here to be taken to the page directly.

  • Go to Company Settings.

  • Go to the Dashboards tab.

  • Then select Options.

  • You will see the toggle here.


What will managers see when they create their own Dashboards? 

It is important to note that learners who are also managers will only be able to see data for users who are their direct reports. They will not be able to see other users' data, who are outside of their managed teams or direct reports.

If you have this toggled on for your company, then managers will see the following:


1. An option to ‘Create new dashboard’ button at the top of their Dashboard.


2. They will then be able to select which Dashboard template they would like to start from.


3. Select which widgets - which are filtered to only show data from users that they manage.


What data will the widgets show for learner-managers? 

Managers (who are also learners) will only be able to see data from their own direct reports. When they select a widget, they will be able to see this option here:



So, when there is a widget that shows specific users' data, they will only be able to see their direct reports.

In the example below, this is a screenshot from Jane Leydon, who is the Manager of the Marketing team, and has three direct reports.

So, she can only see the "session data" from her three direct reports: William West, Tom McDowell and Louise Sadners - as she is the manager of these three users.

She cannot see any other employees' data.


I'm a manager - how can I create my own Dashboard? 

If you're a manager and you'd like to learn how to create your own Dashboard, please read our full article on the matter here.

If you're an admin, you may also find it useful to read the article above to see the flow that your managers will take in the Platform.