What is a Dashboard and how to use it?

In this article, you will learn what a Dashboard is and how you can use it.

What is a Dashboard?

Dashboards are flexible, widget-based boards filled with a collection of report and action-driving widgets. Dashboards are very controllable spaces in terms of what content is seen by what users and at what time.

Dashboards can be used in different ways for each type of user:

Admin dashboards - Looking at reporting across the site at a quick and easy glance

Manager dashboards - Showing activity and task completion data for their team(s)

Learner dashboards - Essentially a learning hub


How do I view Dashboards?

You can switch and access different dashboards available to you via the drop-down arrow on your main dashboard (see screenshot below):


How do I create a Dashboard?

There are a couple of methods to create a Dashboard:

Method A:

  • From the Dashboard, underneath the banner > Click on Create Dashboard (on the right-hand side)

Method B:

  • In the top navigation bar, select your profile picture > Click on Company settings

  • Click on Dashboards on the left-hand side > Select Add Dashboard

Both Method A & B will take you to our Dashboard Library:

Step 1: Select a template or add a blank dashboard

  • Choose one of our pre-set templates (Learn, Connect, Perform, Engagement) depending on your package, or, create your own blank dashboard

Step 2: Dashboard name & visibility

  • Name your Dashboard

  • Select what type of users your Dashboard will be visible to and default for

Each role can only have ONE dashboard set as their default dashboard

  • Click Add Dashboard

Step 3: Double-check your Dashboard

  • If you used a template, go through your Dashboard and make sure you’re happy with it

  • If you created a blank dashboard, now is the time to add report and action-driving widgets, depending on your package.


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